Saturday, January 4, 2014

Overflowing hearts and stockings - Christmas 2013

Stockings have always been a favorite of mine.  
Growing up and now.  And the boys love them too.  
These stockings did not disappoint...  they were filled to overflowing 
with movies and craft supplies, Lego mini-figures and so much more!

After the stockings we took a break for breakfast, then headed back to the tree for more gift giving fun.

I love that these pictures capture the celebrating the boys do over each others presents.  
They peer over shoulders, clap, and throw their arms around one another.

But this celebratory dance was my favorite of the morning.  
When their Dad opened a gift card to The Cheesecake Factory, the boys broke into a 
spontaneous chorus of "Take Mom on a date!  Take Mom on a date!  Take Mom on a date!"

After the gift giving the boys went outside to shoot hoops with their Dad.

And then the party moved back inside for a little bit of this...

And a whole lot of this...

And a very merry Christmas was had by all!
2013 - over and out

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Nicole said...

Thank you for inviting us into your home for Christmas! Love how the family gathers to share and cheer over each other's gift. It is something we too treasure. Like all the boy-themed toys. I am taking notes ;)