Thursday, October 28, 2010

We've been blessed with so much rain this Fall that the still-wet soccer fields were closed down on a perfectly beautiful day last Saturday! And so Matt took us to the Wild Animal Park! And it was a marvelous day!

Asher at 2 1/2 loved all the animals and walking not riding in his stroller. He also loved the tram ride through the safari and spotting giraffes, rhinoceros, and zebras all around. And Caleb LOVED using my point and shoot camera for the whole day! A rite of passage in his big boy life!

But the biggest rite of passage wasn't Asher foregoing the stroller or Caleb taking his own pictures, the biggest milestone was that this was our family's first big outing in nearly 7 years without a diaper!

Here are some dynamite pictures of our big guys on the larger than life merry go round. That's right, they are not too big for the merry go round!

My "Baby" turned FIVE this month! On October 20th, Brody celebrated his birthday at Preschool in the morning and then at Chuck E Cheese's with a small handful of family and friends in the afternoon.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Asher LOVED his first trip through a corn maze almost as much as his Daddy did! All the Brunner boys had a marvelous time on our fall trip to the lake. And Lake County showed us a good time! I love the shot of Asher learning to work the loom at the harvest festival.

Our third born would have loved fishing too, had we let him hold a pole of his own. But I just knew the rod would end up in the lake below. Our fishing host, Mr. Hayden, tried to get Asher to kiss a fish for luck, but Asher wanted nothing to do with that! He did, however, love their swing!

There were far too many highlights in Caleb's last trip to the lake to briefly mention! Oh, but I must try. Caleb loved running wild in a local farmer's corn maze, and countless games of chess with his Dad after his brothers went down for the night. But the great triumph for his mother was the moment he hoisted his pole into the air and reeled up his first little fish! Job well done, Sweet Caleb!

We always knew our Brody would prove a great fisher-boy! He's patient and likes to spend long hours, playing contentedly on his own. That said, he didn't get to practice his patience this past week, for he caught two little fish in a span of maybe 10 minutes! Oh, what fun!