Monday, April 14, 2008

Here are a couple of pics of the big guys!  Oh, how they love one another.  Caleb is a dynamite big Brother.  We actually just pulled him out of preschool last week because he wants so badly to be home with Brody and Asher.  Goodness, he'll have plenty of years of school... let the brothers play!  

Asher, Matt and I just got home from our Aspen vacation, just the three of us.  Matt skied and the Babe and I rested.  That said, I don't want to sound like the typical, sleep-deprived mama sine I'm about to boast that ASHER SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT FOR THE FIRST TIME LAST NIGHT!  From 10pm - 6:30am!  He didn't do this on the vacation, but he was a wonderful travel companion for me.  He smiles often and even started to make a laughing little coo sound when he's happy.
I missed the big boys terribly, I confess, but was so blessed to have our friend Amy here with them for the first three days, and my mom with them for the following two.  When we arrived home the boys were happy to see us, then went immediately back to Grandma for some more play!   

Now were home and ready for some good family time.  The top picture is one of our first family shots taken on April 5th (my birthday) when we went to Sea World!  (Thank you for the tickets, Patrick!)  The next big event Caleb is looking forward to is his big boy camping trip with Dad in two weeks!  I am reminded that we are not raising little boys, we are raising little boys to become men!  I love watching our first born grow into a little man these days and camping with Dad will help, I've no doubt.