Wednesday, September 16, 2009

While this picture was taken at Caleb's Soccer Game this past Saturday and Brody has had a haircut since then, it's still the perfect picture for today! Today Brody started his first "SPORT CLASS!" He'll have three weeks of soccer, then two weeks of football, two weeks of basketball, and three weeks of tee-ball... which totals TEN WEEKS OF FUN! Coach Darcy gives those boys plenty of exercise coupled with oodles of belly laughs. It's too perfect for Brody.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Caleb is having a wonderful time playing AYSO Soccer this year! He's just so strong and eager to excel. Hooping and hollering from the sidelines is the high point of our weeks!

And with Matt as Assistant Coach and me as Team Mom, we're quite obsessed! Brody plays on the sidelines and Asher eats till his belly's ready to pop open! It's a family affair.
This soming Wednesday Brody starts his Pee Wee sports class and is so excited to have a soccer team all his own!

Incase it's not apparent to you, ASHER LOVES IT when his brother's are at school. He just finger painted for the first time, ate oreos for a special lunchtime snack and got to play in the kiddie-pool all by himself. Everyone is enjoying their special days.

CALEB'S FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN at Calvin Christian school! He came home wearing a "Class of 2022" tee-shirt!

He has 15 wonderful friends in his class and a marvelous teacher to keep them all learning and having fun together. So far he loves recess and PE most of all! But does that surprise us?

These past few weeks have been too full, too exciting, too absolutely wonderful for me to take any time away to post pictures! But I must, I must before more wonderful moments in life take my time and attention. So many friends and family members have asked for pictures of Brody's first day of Preschool, Caleb's first day of Kindergarten, what Asher is doing on the days he gets Mommy all to himself, and all of the family enjoying Caleb's first year of Soccer! Like I said... TOO MUCH FUN!