Friday, December 31, 2010

Finally the SUN came out and the boys were eager to get their new skates on. Caleb told me that he had been teaching Brody to rollerblade in the garage over the course of their rainy, indoor days, but I was shocked when Brody actually rolled right out of the garage like he'd been doing it for years! What a big guy! And Caleb, his teacher, was so proud!

While Asher was THRILLED to open his own big boy skates on Christmas morning, he opted not to put them on outside. While he usually screams "I'M THE BIGGEST!!!" at anyone who calls him a baby or a little boy, Asher admitted that he might not yet be big enough for roller blades.

How does a Mommy keep three little boys entertained over a lengthy, rainy Christmas Vacation?

Christmas Morning 2010

What a sweet, sweet Christmas morning with our boys. There were stockings and then there was the story of Jesus' birth, there was breakfast and more presents beneath the tree, there was a mommy, a daddy, a Grandma, and three little boys who stayed in their PJs till noon and played all day long with their new toys.

When Asher opened his tennis racket form Nana Danna, he thrust it high into the air triumphantly! O, the Victory of finally having his own racket! I think nearly all of Asher's toys were sports equipment. Brody continued to collect crafty and imaginative play things. And most of Caleb's toys were either brainy first born games or his IPOD to help him develop a little "alone time."

Saturday, November 13, 2010

NO ONE WOULD BELIEVE ME IF I HAD NOT CAPTURED THESE PICTURES OF BRODY"S FIRST SOCCER GAME! He got out there and hustled, even making the first goal of the 2011 Season for his team, The Silver Dragons!

Below is the shot of him kicking the stationary ball into the goal. O, the joy!

Now this is more like it! This is what the majority of Brody's time on the field looked like this season. Yes, some parents may very well tell stories of their young children "picking daisies" during their soccer games... but I've got proof. Here is Brody not only picking them but bringing them joyfully to me as the game rages on!

Caleb has found his niche... he's a defensive player for sure! Last year he started the year aggressively but settled back half way through the season into a defensive position. This year he did it again. I love the shot of his one great goal, scored on his first game of the season. Glad I was ready with camera in hand because it was also his last goal this year!

He did, however, master the "body block," as we call it. He jumps up and blocks the other teams kicks and throws with his chest. He doesn't go hard after the ball yet, but he knows what to do if and when it comes to him. (btw, that's neighborhood friend Hayden Werts Caleb is fighting for the ball!) Good times.

Today was our last day of AYSO for 2010! And while I have to chronicle Caleb and Brody's season highlights, I would be remiss to not mention the true athlete of the family... Asher Beau Brunner. He spent his Brothers games and practices out dribbling every boy on the field. He looked forward to game day more than his brothers, and never missed a chance to put on his "uniform"; this yellow tanktop.

We can't wait to watch you play when you're just a couple of years older, Asher!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This first picture of Caleb delights me no end! Here he is at the dinner table, laughing with his best buddy Jack, before the trick or treating got underway!

Once we hit the sidewalk we caught up with neighborhood friend Hayden. Caleb is so blessed with good friends. Really the best!

And look at that Candy!
Asher really enjoyed the hunt this year. Last year he was satisfied with a "pop" or two while everyone else racked in the loot. This year is was much more particular. He also really took him time taking in all of his familiar friends looking so different. And the neighborhood decorations with eerie green lights in the windows.

Thank you Shereen for taking this keepsake of a picture of my littlest Super-hero!

Halloween here at the Brunner house is like a game of craps! You never know what the boys are going to roll (out of the house looking like!) Brody especially is our dress-up King. And Halloween night he surprised us all by putting on the red power ranger costume he's rarely if ever worn! What happened to all his favorites? Batman? Iron Man? Wolverine? Venom?

I captured some great pics of him with his good friend Katie... and overheard him trying to talk her out of marrying Asher. "No Brody," she said clearly, "I'm going to marry Asher not you!"

Thursday, October 28, 2010

We've been blessed with so much rain this Fall that the still-wet soccer fields were closed down on a perfectly beautiful day last Saturday! And so Matt took us to the Wild Animal Park! And it was a marvelous day!

Asher at 2 1/2 loved all the animals and walking not riding in his stroller. He also loved the tram ride through the safari and spotting giraffes, rhinoceros, and zebras all around. And Caleb LOVED using my point and shoot camera for the whole day! A rite of passage in his big boy life!

But the biggest rite of passage wasn't Asher foregoing the stroller or Caleb taking his own pictures, the biggest milestone was that this was our family's first big outing in nearly 7 years without a diaper!

Here are some dynamite pictures of our big guys on the larger than life merry go round. That's right, they are not too big for the merry go round!