Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our first born son, Caleb, is attending Kuyper Preparatory School. I love this picture of him shaking hands with the headmaster before leading the little school in the pledge of allegiance that morning.

Asher was thrilled to drop Caleb off on his first day, until he realized he had to leave! How that third born of mine wants to be a big kid! Soon enough.

It's going to be a wonderful year! Ms. Meizen is gracious and caring, confident and courageous. God Bless her!

See the little, private vineyard? We're the house to the right. There's a switchback that goes from the house to the lake, where we will one day build a dock. But not today.

Dad's house is to the left of the picture another couple of homes, and he has a dock and a pool.

We're really excited about all of the fun times with our boys and friends that are to come!

Our first trip to "the Lakehouse" with the Mostellers and Seymours -- August 2010!

Matt finally took a turn behind the boat this Summer! The last few trips to my Dad's lake house left Matt's back in shambles. But this trip he skied and then walked the next day!!!

And the timing could not have been more perfect, since this trip up to Clearlake in Northern California was to close on our own lake house, just a few homes down from my Dad and Anita's place.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yesterday truly was a day that the Lord hath made, and we rejoiced greatly in it! For on August 21st, 2010 our first born son, Caleb Mathieson Brunner was Baptized at South Carlsbad State Beach.

He began asking to be Baptized this past Spring and when asked why he wanted to be Baptized he answered, "I want to show everyone that I'm a follower of Jesus." So on his cake we had the words written, "I'm following Jesus!"

It was a joyous day with many dear friends who love our family and are faithful in their encouragement of our boys. My mom, Joyce, and Matt's mom and step dad, Paula and Joe, were there with along with my Grandpa George, representing the family. The sun was shine and the Son was glorified!!! And look at these wonderful pictures that were captured!