Sunday, January 16, 2011

Welcome to our Lake House!
Many family and friends have been eager for pictures.
Here are a few. But we hope you'll come to see it (and us)
in person up at Clearlake very soon.

Chronicling highlights from each trip up North has been fun. And watching Caleb work alongside his Dad on the property has been chief among them. The muscles gained are cool, but his sense of accomplishing a man's task is cooler still. Here they are shoveling gravel that had been delivered to the front of the house, so they could take it under the back porch to help control erosion to the land.

Check out the thumbs-up Caleb's giving after showing me his hard day's work.

Asher did his part by carrying a rusty, old discarded chair up out of the brush and into "their fort."

This picture perfectly captures our week at the lake this winter. Each day a cloud would form like a thick pancake over the water but below our home. Gorgeous.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


My boys woke up at the Lakehouse this morning, to find a night's worth of snow! Brody, of course, ran straight outside without his shoes on, and Caleb exclaimed "This is the most wonderful day of my life!"

May 2011 bring my boys much joy and pleasure as they grow in knowledge of the God who gives us all good things!