Friday, December 31, 2010

Finally the SUN came out and the boys were eager to get their new skates on. Caleb told me that he had been teaching Brody to rollerblade in the garage over the course of their rainy, indoor days, but I was shocked when Brody actually rolled right out of the garage like he'd been doing it for years! What a big guy! And Caleb, his teacher, was so proud!

While Asher was THRILLED to open his own big boy skates on Christmas morning, he opted not to put them on outside. While he usually screams "I'M THE BIGGEST!!!" at anyone who calls him a baby or a little boy, Asher admitted that he might not yet be big enough for roller blades.

How does a Mommy keep three little boys entertained over a lengthy, rainy Christmas Vacation?

Christmas Morning 2010

What a sweet, sweet Christmas morning with our boys. There were stockings and then there was the story of Jesus' birth, there was breakfast and more presents beneath the tree, there was a mommy, a daddy, a Grandma, and three little boys who stayed in their PJs till noon and played all day long with their new toys.

When Asher opened his tennis racket form Nana Danna, he thrust it high into the air triumphantly! O, the Victory of finally having his own racket! I think nearly all of Asher's toys were sports equipment. Brody continued to collect crafty and imaginative play things. And most of Caleb's toys were either brainy first born games or his IPOD to help him develop a little "alone time."