Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today we went to a friend's house for a pool party. I took all three of my kids. Caleb and Brody are both new swimmers. They can make it back to the side after jumping in or swimming across, but if anything surprises them it can get dangerous. Asher, of course, is not a swimmer at all... though he loves the water as much as Brody did at this age.

During the course of our three hour play time (or should I say three hour high stress time?) I saved all three of their little lives.

Caleb was swimming to the side of the pool, toeing a boogie board behind him when two friends climbed on top of the board. instead of turning around and grabbing the board he only knew that he couldn't keep moving forward and started going under. I guess it's time to work on treading water.

Brody has a bit more confidence than Caleb, so when I say I saved his life Brody never actually knew that he was in need of saving. He was swimming to the side of the pool when a friend floated across his path in a pink inner-tube. Brody ended up under her. He kept trying to come to the surface, but couldn't get out from under the tube. My three year old remained totally calm, but was definitely out of air when I jumped in and pulled him up.

Asher was in the jacuzzi with me for his little adventure. My hand was on him as I turned to talk to another mom. Suddenly his soft skin wasn't in my hand so I turned back to him to find his eyes looking up at me from a foot under water. I plucked my youngest up and thanked the Lord for his safety too...

We are supposed to go to another pool party tomorrow, but I don't think I am up for another day like today. Two parents for three "not strong swimmers" is a must!