Sunday, May 17, 2009

Here's Asher walking around Indianapolis like he owns the place!  This picture was taken out in front of the Indiana War Museum while Matt went inside with Brody and Caleb.  

Caleb and Asher sat in a saddle at the Indiana State Museum.  

This Western exhibit was wonderfully interactive for the kids but I think that Matt had more fun than anyone else.. he climbed on the stagecoach for a half hour trying to understand every part of the craftsmanship, suspension and rigging.

Monuments, fountains, museums and statues pepper Indianapolis!  A beautiful city.

Caleb played his last game of the season yesterday.  It was a hot day here in Southern California and it looked like he was about to fall asleep at short stop, but he made it through the game and this monumental first season and then went to a frozen yogurt party with the team.  Here he is with his first baseball trophy.

Caleb also had his Kindergarten visit this past Wednesday.  I took him to Calvin Christian in Escondido and he got to go into his Kindergarten class and meet Mrs. Zuidema who will be his teacher in the fall.  He was very proud of himself.  After the class visit we walked over to the administration building and got him a tee-shirt, which he wore three days straight.

And Brody will be right across the parking lot at Calvin Christian Preschool.  So much growing up is happening in our home every day.
But before the fall and these marvelous rites of passage, we first have a summer of fun ahead of us  In June we will have a visit from Nana and Papa, a trip to Carmel and then a water-skiing good time at Grandpa G and Gramita's lake house in Northern CA.  In July Caleb has a week of Zoo Camp at the Wild Animal Park and a week of "Kids Games" camp at a local church.  There will also be camping trips, beach trips, and much swimming.  Now that Caleb and Brody can both swim... I will be freed up to be in the water with Baby Asher.  Too much fun!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I need to take a picture of Caleb's last piece of art.  It was really more like a letter to Jesus than a drawing, but it was with crayons and on his art paper.  It read, "Der Jesus Win EM i going to hevin"