Saturday, July 7, 2012

The 4th

The kids had so much fun this 4th of July.  We were so excited to have Cousin Alex with us for the fun, and she kept saying, "Aunt Wendy, you have so many fun activities for us this holiday!"  Here's a glimpse of our fun.

Water and Reading

It's all about water and reading for Caleb this summer.  He's so strong and becoming such a sweet helper too.  He's absolutely consuming books this summer.  I must get us in the habit of going to the library!

Below is a picture of our voracious reader the night he camped out on our bed 
and read until 10:30pm.  That was the night he finished 
Call of the Wild and began on Ryan and Rusty.

1st Place!

I'm known to incentivize my children with competitions and prizes.  For example, yesterday at the swimming beach I said to the boys, "Whoever's the first to swim out to the diving dock, way out there, and jump off will get a prize when we get home."  Now, I must add that there is sea weed and algae here at the lake, which can be pretty icky.  But not icky enough to detour my youngest from running head-long into the water and being the first to the dock.


Asher also always takes first place by being our best helper around the house.
His joyful, hardworking nature, is so much fun for us.
It doesn't matter if it's sweeping the porch,
washing a car, shoveling gravel,
or vacuuming.

My Toothless Wonder!

We have a very happy six year old up at the lake this Summer.  Not only has he avoided yellow-jackets thus far, but he's been a super reader, had Nana make him his whole name in pancake letters, gone faster and bounced higher with more joy on the inner-tube than any other child I've ever known, and... he's lost his two front teeth.

I'm calling Brody my Toothless Wonder these days!