Saturday, July 25, 2009

He's walking, running, dancing, chasing, laughing... and loves to tickle us saying "tickle tickle tickle tickle. Asher (Happy) continues to make us all smile.

He loves to cuddle by placing his head upon loved ones and strangers alike until everyone near utters "awwww..." Then he sits back up and smiles knowingly. Yep, he's the baby of the family for sure.

I love this child's face and taking his picture is always a pleasure for me. I especially enjoy the color of his hair in the sun light, like corn silk in a Summertime field.
Here's my first born miracle. I love it when the sun shines into his eyes. They sparkle like green lake water!

It doesn't matter how often I have asked him to not pick other peoples flowers, he does it anyway, so pleased to give it to me.

Brody is as delightful as ever. he's finally riding bikes and even showing some interest in playing catch (albeit fleeting) but still loves playing with toys animals, dinos, and cars, and of course coloring.

He is VERY excited about preschool and knows that he is becoming a big boy. Today he is camping up in Julian with his Dad and big brother Caleb.

This picture of him in the orange shirt is of him on a tricycle, but he also is riding his big boy Diego bike with training wheels. Today up at the camp ground he asked to go off the jumps. Soon enough.

This one of him with his scrunched up face was the first picture I took with my brand new camera. So excited to have a fancy digital - Nicon 40D!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Party of 5 began 8 years ago with this Party of 2.

Here's my favorite picture that Matt took at Big Sur with our new camera. I missed the spectacular views since I was back in the hotel room with the flu.

San Francisco, Fisherman's Warf

Our Party of 5 became a Party of 7 when Papa and Nana joined us for a vacation to Carmel, Monterey, and San Francisco!