Sunday, April 12, 2009

Brody looked so pretty in his peach and baby blue argyle sweater this morning, while Caleb declared "Yeah, I don't have to wear a sweater vest!"  It was fun coordinating their Easter duds again this year.  I will do it until they don't let me!  I do so love my boys!

Our sweet little third born Easter Bunny!

Asher is now  13 months old and is a delight to us all.  

He is Risen, INDEED!  We are having a wonderful Easter Sunday.  Our church service was joyful and exciting.  The weather is beautiful.  The boys enjoyed all of their Easter festivities and now sweet potatoes and ham are making our home smell marvelous.  We were not able to be with family or friends today, but are enjoying the sweetness of our PARTY OF FIVE!  Or should I say, our party of SIX!  Since Christ has overcome death, and is surely here in our midst as we celebrate Him.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's Palm Sunday AND it's my 35th  Birthday!  What a beautiful day here in San Diego!  The sun is shining, my boys all wore pink to church, and Caleb and Brody were in the Palm Parade through the sanctuary shouting (okay, they were looking around rather dumb-founded) "Hosanna!"
If only sweet Asher Beau was smiling, this picture would be perfect!  Asher practically NEVER cries.  Must be the capri sun juice bag he got his chubby little hands on Friday.  It's been nasty pants ever since!
Caleb lost his first tooth yesterday, (while chewing a piece of gum) right before his baseball game.  He's pretty proud of this fact.  He equates it with becoming a man for sure!  The tooth fairy left him a crisp one dollar bill.  It's not crisp anymore.  And Caleb boldly announced, "I'm not giving this to any missionaries either." No comment.