Sunday, February 12, 2012

Brody's first blue ribbon!

Yesterday was a thrilling day for the two littlest Brunner Boys and their Mama.

Brody, who has flailed awkwardly down his lane each and every swim meet since November, consistently coming in last, received a first place ribbon yesterday.

I love the picture of him reaching for the edge of the pool, in front of his second place peer two lanes down. To make this even more excited, there were two heats in this race and his time was still first place amongst all 5-6 year old boys!

He looked up, looked around, looked at me and half exclaimed, half asked... "I'm FIRST?!?!?!" It was a marvelous and memorable Victory for our Boy!

Asher also shaved an impressive 11 seconds off of his race time in the 3-4 year old 25 yard freestyle. Here he is with his coach beside him. Look at that "big arm!"

Next month all three boys should also be ready to compete in the 25 yard back stroke. And Brody and Caleb are working hard to master the breast stroke as well.

Caleb was slated to race yesterday but had to stay home due to a bad cold.
Here are a couple of pictures of him from the last couple of competitions.