Monday, June 23, 2008

KAUAI 2008 -- ASHER -- 4 months old
We took Asher to Hanalei Bay on Kauai, where Matt and I Honeymooned 7 years ago.  Goodness, three boys in seven years!
Asher and Matt in Kauai, June 2008.  

Caleb and Brody stayed with Grandma and Grandpa in Long Beach and had a blast swimming in their enormous blow-up kiddie pool.  Matt spent much of his time working at the International Oncology Lung Conference, while I napped, played, read and enjoyed lots of one on one time with our little Hawaiian babe.
ASHER turned FOUR MONTHS OLD on the Island of Kauai.  We thought it would be fun to offer him his firs meal of rice cereal bedecked in a hawaiian bid, over looking the crystal blue ocean.  

He accepted a taste or two but wasn't as gung-ho as his big Brother Brody was on his first meal.

But maybe he was just a little too preoccupied with all the scents and sounds of Hawaii!