Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I need to take a new picture to include in this post... it is forthcoming.  You see, Caleb just got a new "big wheel" bike.  A neighborhood friend had one and Caleb has not been able to control his enthusiasm over it from the moment we hit the cul de sac each day.  I asked Caleb if he remembered all the Bible verses he'd memorized last year (about 40 of them,) and when we both discovered that he couldn't remember half of them I made him this deal... if he would relearn ALL of them, Daddy would take him for a big boy outing to Target to get his very own Big Wheel. It took 2 days.  There are still a couple of verses that he goofs on, and when I say goofs I mean he starts with one, pulls a few words from another, and closes with the last line of a third verse. Quite funny actually.  My favorite verse he has is a short one, and it's a very loose paraphrase of Psalms 1.  It states: "Blessed is the boy who loves the Bible!"  And our two boys truly do.  Each Sunday they tote it to church "just like Daddy does."  Caleb's favorite verse however is: "The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  Since we live by the Spirit let us keep in step with the Spirit."  Both boys enjoy this one because we always march and clap while reciting it.  
If you are appalled that I use bribes to teach my kids Bible verses, then you probably won't like it that I also follow Caleb's vegetables down with a couple of M&Ms.  

ps- the above shot has nothing to do with this post!  Brody just LOVES eating his crafts.  

Thursday, January 10, 2008

And speaking of being a big boy, here's our first born SHAVING!  Okay, so it's a plastic razor and foaming "Thomas the train" soap, but Caleb thinks he's really something.  Amazing that someday I'll have four men shaving under my roof!  

While this shot was from October on Brody's 2nd birthday, it's applicable for my post today, January 10th, because today Brody is napping without his "LuLu" (Pacifier) for the FIRST TIME EVER!  
On his second birthday (October 20th) he still hadn't referred to himself as "Brody" but would tell people "I'm Baby."  That was, after all, what we called him for the majority of his first two years.  When asked at his little birthday dinner party (with family friends the Rogers)  if he was Brody, he pounded his fists on the table, scrunched up his nose, and retorted, "No!  I'm baby!"  
But this past Sunday he was given a BIG BOY party complete with cup cakes, a present, and lots of "Happy Big Boy Day to you" singing.   LuLu's been gone ever since.  But so have naps... until today.  Ah, the peace!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's time to start a Brunner blog, as to keep those we love informed on our transition from a family of four to a family of five.  Our blog is called Brunnerpartyof5 because that is what we are soon to be.  Not only will we hear them announce "Brunner party of five" when we go out to Islands or IHOP, but every day that's the moto we'll be living by.  Life's sure to be a crazy party with three little boys under our roof... complete with party fouls and broken lampshades to be sure!

Currently our "first born miracle," Caleb, is four.  He's begun preschool and loves to play with friends, do crafts, TALK, and play horses.  His younger brother, Brody, turned two in October and is a happy little rascal with platinum blond hair.  While weaning him from his pacifier (his beloved "LuLu") has been hard this week, he is a regular joy!  They both love to ride in their Fire-truck with all their new neighborhood friends.  And there are tons of new friends to be had on our cul de sac. There are 4 four year old boys, plenty of one and a half - two year old children, and countless others to keep the street buzzing with fun.

The hills where we live are full of wildlife (including coyote!) and a five minute drive will take us to horse properties where Caleb and Brody can dream of riding one day.

They also enjoy their swim lessons with "Mr. Damon."  This week Brody and  Caleb both started DIVING!  Brody went first, (which didn't surprise us,) and then Caleb followed (which did surprise us!)  At nap time that day I told Caleb how proud of him I was that he was becoming so brave, to which he responded, "Yeah, Brody's showing me how to be more courageous."

We love their individual personalities and are excited to meet our little Asher next month. With all our hearts we believe that God weaves these little beings together in a mother's womb, complete with personality and purpose.  We are humbled that God is about to give us a new little life to nurture, and train up!