Wednesday, September 16, 2009

While this picture was taken at Caleb's Soccer Game this past Saturday and Brody has had a haircut since then, it's still the perfect picture for today! Today Brody started his first "SPORT CLASS!" He'll have three weeks of soccer, then two weeks of football, two weeks of basketball, and three weeks of tee-ball... which totals TEN WEEKS OF FUN! Coach Darcy gives those boys plenty of exercise coupled with oodles of belly laughs. It's too perfect for Brody.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Caleb is having a wonderful time playing AYSO Soccer this year! He's just so strong and eager to excel. Hooping and hollering from the sidelines is the high point of our weeks!

And with Matt as Assistant Coach and me as Team Mom, we're quite obsessed! Brody plays on the sidelines and Asher eats till his belly's ready to pop open! It's a family affair.
This soming Wednesday Brody starts his Pee Wee sports class and is so excited to have a soccer team all his own!

Incase it's not apparent to you, ASHER LOVES IT when his brother's are at school. He just finger painted for the first time, ate oreos for a special lunchtime snack and got to play in the kiddie-pool all by himself. Everyone is enjoying their special days.

CALEB'S FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN at Calvin Christian school! He came home wearing a "Class of 2022" tee-shirt!

He has 15 wonderful friends in his class and a marvelous teacher to keep them all learning and having fun together. So far he loves recess and PE most of all! But does that surprise us?

These past few weeks have been too full, too exciting, too absolutely wonderful for me to take any time away to post pictures! But I must, I must before more wonderful moments in life take my time and attention. So many friends and family members have asked for pictures of Brody's first day of Preschool, Caleb's first day of Kindergarten, what Asher is doing on the days he gets Mommy all to himself, and all of the family enjoying Caleb's first year of Soccer! Like I said... TOO MUCH FUN!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today we went to a friend's house for a pool party. I took all three of my kids. Caleb and Brody are both new swimmers. They can make it back to the side after jumping in or swimming across, but if anything surprises them it can get dangerous. Asher, of course, is not a swimmer at all... though he loves the water as much as Brody did at this age.

During the course of our three hour play time (or should I say three hour high stress time?) I saved all three of their little lives.

Caleb was swimming to the side of the pool, toeing a boogie board behind him when two friends climbed on top of the board. instead of turning around and grabbing the board he only knew that he couldn't keep moving forward and started going under. I guess it's time to work on treading water.

Brody has a bit more confidence than Caleb, so when I say I saved his life Brody never actually knew that he was in need of saving. He was swimming to the side of the pool when a friend floated across his path in a pink inner-tube. Brody ended up under her. He kept trying to come to the surface, but couldn't get out from under the tube. My three year old remained totally calm, but was definitely out of air when I jumped in and pulled him up.

Asher was in the jacuzzi with me for his little adventure. My hand was on him as I turned to talk to another mom. Suddenly his soft skin wasn't in my hand so I turned back to him to find his eyes looking up at me from a foot under water. I plucked my youngest up and thanked the Lord for his safety too...

We are supposed to go to another pool party tomorrow, but I don't think I am up for another day like today. Two parents for three "not strong swimmers" is a must!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

He's walking, running, dancing, chasing, laughing... and loves to tickle us saying "tickle tickle tickle tickle. Asher (Happy) continues to make us all smile.

He loves to cuddle by placing his head upon loved ones and strangers alike until everyone near utters "awwww..." Then he sits back up and smiles knowingly. Yep, he's the baby of the family for sure.

I love this child's face and taking his picture is always a pleasure for me. I especially enjoy the color of his hair in the sun light, like corn silk in a Summertime field.
Here's my first born miracle. I love it when the sun shines into his eyes. They sparkle like green lake water!

It doesn't matter how often I have asked him to not pick other peoples flowers, he does it anyway, so pleased to give it to me.

Brody is as delightful as ever. he's finally riding bikes and even showing some interest in playing catch (albeit fleeting) but still loves playing with toys animals, dinos, and cars, and of course coloring.

He is VERY excited about preschool and knows that he is becoming a big boy. Today he is camping up in Julian with his Dad and big brother Caleb.

This picture of him in the orange shirt is of him on a tricycle, but he also is riding his big boy Diego bike with training wheels. Today up at the camp ground he asked to go off the jumps. Soon enough.

This one of him with his scrunched up face was the first picture I took with my brand new camera. So excited to have a fancy digital - Nicon 40D!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Party of 5 began 8 years ago with this Party of 2.

Here's my favorite picture that Matt took at Big Sur with our new camera. I missed the spectacular views since I was back in the hotel room with the flu.

San Francisco, Fisherman's Warf

Our Party of 5 became a Party of 7 when Papa and Nana joined us for a vacation to Carmel, Monterey, and San Francisco!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Here's Asher walking around Indianapolis like he owns the place!  This picture was taken out in front of the Indiana War Museum while Matt went inside with Brody and Caleb.  

Caleb and Asher sat in a saddle at the Indiana State Museum.  

This Western exhibit was wonderfully interactive for the kids but I think that Matt had more fun than anyone else.. he climbed on the stagecoach for a half hour trying to understand every part of the craftsmanship, suspension and rigging.

Monuments, fountains, museums and statues pepper Indianapolis!  A beautiful city.

Caleb played his last game of the season yesterday.  It was a hot day here in Southern California and it looked like he was about to fall asleep at short stop, but he made it through the game and this monumental first season and then went to a frozen yogurt party with the team.  Here he is with his first baseball trophy.

Caleb also had his Kindergarten visit this past Wednesday.  I took him to Calvin Christian in Escondido and he got to go into his Kindergarten class and meet Mrs. Zuidema who will be his teacher in the fall.  He was very proud of himself.  After the class visit we walked over to the administration building and got him a tee-shirt, which he wore three days straight.

And Brody will be right across the parking lot at Calvin Christian Preschool.  So much growing up is happening in our home every day.
But before the fall and these marvelous rites of passage, we first have a summer of fun ahead of us  In June we will have a visit from Nana and Papa, a trip to Carmel and then a water-skiing good time at Grandpa G and Gramita's lake house in Northern CA.  In July Caleb has a week of Zoo Camp at the Wild Animal Park and a week of "Kids Games" camp at a local church.  There will also be camping trips, beach trips, and much swimming.  Now that Caleb and Brody can both swim... I will be freed up to be in the water with Baby Asher.  Too much fun!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I need to take a picture of Caleb's last piece of art.  It was really more like a letter to Jesus than a drawing, but it was with crayons and on his art paper.  It read, "Der Jesus Win EM i going to hevin"

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Brody looked so pretty in his peach and baby blue argyle sweater this morning, while Caleb declared "Yeah, I don't have to wear a sweater vest!"  It was fun coordinating their Easter duds again this year.  I will do it until they don't let me!  I do so love my boys!

Our sweet little third born Easter Bunny!

Asher is now  13 months old and is a delight to us all.  

He is Risen, INDEED!  We are having a wonderful Easter Sunday.  Our church service was joyful and exciting.  The weather is beautiful.  The boys enjoyed all of their Easter festivities and now sweet potatoes and ham are making our home smell marvelous.  We were not able to be with family or friends today, but are enjoying the sweetness of our PARTY OF FIVE!  Or should I say, our party of SIX!  Since Christ has overcome death, and is surely here in our midst as we celebrate Him.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's Palm Sunday AND it's my 35th  Birthday!  What a beautiful day here in San Diego!  The sun is shining, my boys all wore pink to church, and Caleb and Brody were in the Palm Parade through the sanctuary shouting (okay, they were looking around rather dumb-founded) "Hosanna!"
If only sweet Asher Beau was smiling, this picture would be perfect!  Asher practically NEVER cries.  Must be the capri sun juice bag he got his chubby little hands on Friday.  It's been nasty pants ever since!
Caleb lost his first tooth yesterday, (while chewing a piece of gum) right before his baseball game.  He's pretty proud of this fact.  He equates it with becoming a man for sure!  The tooth fairy left him a crisp one dollar bill.  It's not crisp anymore.  And Caleb boldly announced, "I'm not giving this to any missionaries either." No comment.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Our party of five made, along with our much larger party of 18, amidst a crowd of thousands... had a wonderful time at the Rose Parade this morning!