Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The boys and I traveled down to Irvine today to celebrate Great Grandpa George's birthday super-hero style.  Brody was Spiderman, Caleb Superman and Asher was simply my super-baby.  And we had a super great time.  

Friday, May 23, 2008

Brody is very creative.  He uses lots of colors and likes to fill the canvas. 

Notice the two pain brushes at once.  

And every piece of artwork is entitled "PIG."

Hi everybody!  Now that I am four my mom is teaching me how to use the computer.  I love to play games! Check out Super Why on to see my favorite games.

Oh, and I really like making funny faces in the photo booth.

In her last post my mom mentioned a shot of me "airborn" on the slip and slide, but unfortunately that picture included Brody sporting the full monty!  But come visit us here at our home and my mom will get out my slip and slide and put some clothes on my brother and I'll show you some cool moves!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Summer seems to have arrived early this year with lots of hot days and water play.  Brody's light skin turned brown as a berry on his first day with their new "Hip 'n Hide" (slip and slide.) 
I love the shot of Caleb totally airborn.  We have also been enjoying lots of painting and even took Asher for his first trip to the BEACH!  
Check out Brody's favorite way to play in the sand!  Gross!
Mouth open wide he purposefully face-plants!  Sand in his mouth, up his nose, in his eyes.  I guess one of the results of having an incredibly high pain thresh-hold is you get to play games that involves getting sand in your eyes.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

ASHER at 11 Weeks

ASHER IS HAPPY!  Asher is the Hebrew word for Happy... and that he is!  And now that he plays in his vibrating seat and his floor gym, he is TRULY a happy little Tiger!  He is no longer our newborn.  At 11 weeks he is our fun loving, happy go lucky, BIG baby!

The chalice has been passed!  Sir Caleb of Cali and his young Squire Brody are undergoing Knight Training with their seasoned, Castle playing Daddy.

Here they are together with Matt's childhood set.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Caleb and Matt went on their first "BIG BOY (two night) CAMPING TRIP!"  with about 10 other families from our Sunday School class.  When asked what his favorite parts were he answered, "Playing with my new friends and hunting for wild turkeys* with my dad."  (*no wild turkeys were actually harmed in the making of these memories!)

The other shot is of Matt's (finally finished and ready to sell) 1960 Lincoln.  Caleb and Brody, Asher and I were taken on a fun family drive to La Jolla to see the Seals a few weeks ago.  And last week we went to a car show with friends the Rogers.  No slowing down just because we've had a baby!  Asher's a great baby and keeps up just fine!

We just got back from a weekend in Texas. Here is Matt after finding some of his childhood toys in his mom's garage.  In her attic he found many more!  Tonight we are having a "CASTLE PARTY" where Matt will bequeath his playmobile castle and knights to the next generation of Brunner Squires!