Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!

As imaginative and creative as Brody is "Big Dog" is the best name he could come up with!  Merry Christmas Brody, Darling!   
Caleb got a Leapster this Christmas!  Thank you Nana and Papa for his Wall-E game:) 
Christmas Eve!  A gift for each boy from Great Grandpa George!
Caleb's Roller Blades!
Brody and Caleb each got skates and hockey sticks from Daddy / Santa!  
Brody LOVES his Larry Mobile!  And so does Caleb.  It was the biggest hit this Christmas!

Thank you Great Grandpa!

Merry First Christ-mas Asher!

And Merry Christ-mas Brody and Caleb!  

This Christmas was a rainy one, so most of the day (Okay, most of the WEEK!) was spent in doors!

Christmas morning was wonderful!  Asher's push buggy was under the tree right there along with Brody's "Big Dog!"

Caleb was so pleased to give it to him!   It was fun watching our fun-loving little blond come down the stairs with sleepy eyes and try to process his Enormous, fury gift.  What sweet memories.  

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Asher is now 9 months old and nearly 22 pounds.  Nothing as big as Brody was, but a hair heavier than Caleb.  On his nine month birthday he started getting himself to a seated position AND then proceeded to crawl (army style!)  A few days later is started pulling himself to a standing position in his crib.  Unfortunately once he is up he has no idea how to get back down.  He locks up and freaks out.  Even now he is crying in his crib... I'm killing time at the computer trying to give him the opportunity to fall onto his bum and figure this thing out.

Here's the other messy side of my favorite blond!  

The day seemed a HUGE Success!!!  The boys were (near) Angels, everyone napped for a couple of hours (including me,)  Caleb and I had some fun "school time" this morning,  Asher's cold seemed to have cleared up, and Brody stayed dry in his underwear ALL DAY LONG!  

Then tonight as I was attempting to put Asher down, Brody was downstairs POOPING ALL OVER THE FLOOR!  Now we live in a pretty big house and when I say "ALL OVER," I mean ALL OVER...  

Here's a recent picture of our potty training little monster-child.   AS I took this pic he was making up his own words to the melody of B-I-N-G-O that went "I don't want to go, Poopoo, I don't want to go, Poopoo,I don't want to go, I don't want to GO-O!"