Monday, February 21, 2011

DISNEYLAND as a Party of Five!

We finally braved the Happiest Place on Earth with our Party of Five!
The first two days we only spent a few hours as we ended up sloshing
through the rain. The last day, however, we had a crisp perfect day at
California Adventure! Thank you to all of our family who gave money
gifts at Christmas to make this trip possible! Mom, gave us a day and
Dad and Grandpa helped offset the cost of making it an annual pass
for the whole family! What fun. Let us know if you are planning a
trip and want our crew to join in on your Disney fun!

Our first day we played with our friends the Andersen's, but it was too
wet to get a camera out. It would have been fun to get a shot of us all
dripping wet in line at the Haunted Mansion.

Yesterday we had Aunt Samantha with us as well as my long time friend
Kerry and her son Korbyn. Too much fun with Mickey, Family, and Friends...


Valentine's Day 2011 began with individual love-note placemats from Mom (that's me!) Caleb had a wonderful party day with friends at school and then in the evening we had two families over for a child friendly dinner party!