Friday, February 29, 2008

                                                          BEFORE....  AND ASHER

Born February 22nd, 2008
At 9:44 AM
Weighing in at 8 lb. 8 oz. 
18.75 inches long.
He is spectacular and sweet and his brothers are both very excited about him.  We are finally a party of five, to be sure!  
Every day he gets more of his own look, but right off the bat he looked a great deal like his eldest brother, Caleb.  
Brody and Caleb had a marvelous time with their Grandma when we were at the hospital with Asher.  While I had been praying that this transition would not be too traumatic on Brody (who has been a mama's boy through and through) he's surprised me by not wanting me much at all.  I guess I should consider it a blessing.  He seems happy enough.  Ahhh... my second born.  
Caleb on the other hand is desiring to be more and more home bound.  He'd rather be with us all than anywhere else.  I can't believe that we are a family!  All of us together.  It's too wonderful for me to get my mind around.  I am so happy!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Here are my three boys getting ready to go outside to play.  I'm enjoying these last few days of our foursome... though am greatly anticipating our third-born miracle's birth.  

If you'd like to be praying for me and my guys, don't be shy:  Join me in praying for a smooth delivery and an even smoother transition into our "party of 5" than I ever imagined.  I'm praying for health and sleep and nursing success for Asher, and love and joy and peace for Brody (my two year old is still adamant that HE is indeed the BABY!)  I'm praying that Matt might be overcome with an even deeper love for his family than he can believe possible.  And that Caleb would have a great sense of joyful pride in his role as eldest of the Brunner brothers.

Speaking of being a big brother, a few days ago Brody, Caleb, and I were at a local park and Caleb was going up to a VERY TALL slide with his brother (bigger than Brody had ever been on.)  Brody was, (unlike his usually self) not sure he wanted to dive down the shoot.  There was a very big, forceful girl coming up behind them who practically accosted Caleb to get to the slide.  Caleb pushed her back and told her to wait her turn, that his brother was going first.  She was a big girl, and determined to boot, and tried to muscle her way past.  I (great with child) leapt up the stairs to come to the rescue of my boys.  But I needn't have worried- Caleb had successfully blockaded the slide and his Brother.  After plucking Brody up and sending him down to a smaller slide I commended Caleb on being a marvelous big brother.  His eyes were full of pride.  He knew he had done well.

On the flip side, he did hit a boy yesterday at his preschool Valentine's Day party because the little guy called Bambi a girl.  So, he's a defender of younger brothers and Disney characters alike.

Next time I blog again I'll be the sleep- deprived mother of three boys!  Marvelous!  Until then...